How to Make a Website

How to Make a Website

It’s been reported that as of 2015, well over 3.3 Billion (that’s Billion with a "B") people use the internet. That’s a little under 50% of the World’s total population! With that in mind, it’s no surprise that you may want to make (build) your own showcase a hobby, socially interact with people via a blog, or most commonly, for your business.

What are your Do It Your Self Website Options?

When considering the creation of a business website, inevitably, there are some entrepreneurs who would rather try to build it themselves. Of course, with that decision, comes some pros and cons. The seemingly most significant pro is that you can avoid a large outlay of up front capital investment. Most web design companies and designers generally charge several thousands of dollars for a custom website. Typically, I’d say that you can expect to spend somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000. However, you can certainly spend a lot more or a lot less, depending upon who you end up hiring.

But, there are also some equally if not more significant cons associated with DIY websites...TIME expended and the less than stellar quality of the business website you created yourself, which can hurt your bottom line by reducing "conversions".

That said, let’s see what your DIY web creating options are.

Make Your Own Website Option 1: FREE

There are many free website building options available but most free plans have limited capability and as such offer "Paid" upgrade plans.

WordPress (WP) is a popular, open source CMS (content management system) platform. However, WP can have a steeper learning curve for some people. Additionally, WP websites can be vulnerable to hacker attacks because it is a familiar open source platform. WP also requires a lot of resources on the server side, particularly when running on traditional shared hosting plans.

Once installed on your host, you can select from a wide variety of free and paid WP "themes". However, in order to customize these themes to your needs, you may need to have some technical ability.

One thing to note about WP, although you can obtain and install the CMS for free (it’s offered as a free application with most hosting plans), you still have to pay a monthly fee for hosting with a hosting provider.

Make Your Own Website Option 2: Monthly Pay

There are a number of monthly pay options when it comes to DIY web building. Costs are generally under $10/mo. This option, like the free option, also requires some time and effort on your part.

What if I Don’t Feel Comfortable Making My Own Website?

If you don’t feel comfortable taking on a DIY web building project, or simply don’t have the time, you may ultimately wish to choose the third option...hire a professional web designer/developer.

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