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Responsive Websites for Mobile Devices

We design and build powerful mobile friendly, responsive websites optimized for popular smartphones and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

How Can A Mobile Website Benefit Your Business?

  • Reach More Customers. Smartphone usage has been sharply on the rise over the past several years. As of 2015, it was estimated that there were over 190 million smartphone users in the United States and more than 2 billion worldwide. To leverage your business’ ability to capture more customers, building a mobile friendly, responsive website for your business is a prudent strategy.
  • Improve Your Web Visitor Experience. Websites which are specifically designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones, is not only a growing trend, but a smart way to stay ahead of your competitors. Research on mobile website usability confirms that mobile optimized websites (particularly, those that are “responsive”) greatly enhance the end user experience. That’s because mobile friendly websites are designed using mobile layout standards which optimize download speed and ease of accessibility to information. Therefore, web visitors using their smartphones to visit your mobile friendly responsive website do less waiting and more browsing. A mobile friendly website enables visitors to easily access convenient mobile specific features including click-to-call, larger tap-to-action buttons and more. And last but not least, consider this: if you’re a locally based business, a mobile friendly website can be particularly important as more and more visitors will find your site through location aware technology which brings users to you when they’re in the vicinity your business.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking Performance. A mobile website can provide better rankings in mobile friendly search engines, particularly Google, which actually penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly, and facilitates placement in an increasing number of mobile directories.
  • Enhanced Branding Tool. A mobile friendly website immediately helps you stand out from your competitors, many of whom likely don’t have a mobile web presence. It also opens your business up to a larger, arguably hipper, target audience offering a positive, contemporary brand identity for your business.
  • Be Everywhere, At All Times. Or simply put, a mobile friendly website allows your business to be accessible when on the go. This ability to be reached anywhere, anytime will give your business a unique advantage over your competitors who aren’t yet committed to doing business in the 21st century.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to website design focused on building websites which offer optimal viewing and end user experience. This includes effortless reading and navigation with minimal resizing and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones).

As of 2014, mobile devices exceed PCs as the leading device used to access the Web/Internet. It has become the responsibility of the savvy business website owner to take advantage of the unique opportunities that mobile friendly websites offer in connecting with the growing number of visitors who will inevitably access websites using mobile devices.

To find out more, please call us at 480-306-4260, or email us with your design requirements.

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