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Custom Logo Design

All businesses should have a logo because it is important in establishing your brand identity. It is also the first piece of information we, as web designers, need in order to begin a website design. That is because the color of your website is often based upon colors that are the same, similar or complementary to those of your logo. However, a logo should be unique and quickly recognizable as your brand identity.

Logo Design Approach

There are a few approaches to take when it comes to logo design and creation. One is whether your logo should be typographic (i.e. words only), iconic (use of a graphic icon) or a combination of the two. An example of a typographic logo would be Campbell’s (Soup). An example of an iconic logo might be Apple. A logo that combines both words and graphic icons would be Doritos.

Prices for logo design can vary, but if you hire us to build you a custom website and need a logo, we can design a custom logo for you FREE OF CHARGE.

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