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The Importance of a Logo in Web Design Comments Off on The Importance of a Logo in Web Design

The Importance of a Logo in Web Design

A logo is the graphic symbol that identifies a company. As such, it is important to have a professionally designed logo that has been well thought out not only to represent your corporate identity, but how well it will enable you to create a cohesive marketing strategy through your website design.

Your Logo Will Impact the Design of Your Website

The color and style of your logo has an influence on how a web designer will lay out your website’s design. In general, web designers will use colors that are the same or complementary to those of your logo. What if your logo is hot pink and black or red, white and blue? What if your logo has a retro, masculine or feminine design? These factors can influence how your website will ultimately look.

Web Design Case Study

Let’s take a look at the logo for Prominent Web Design in Scottsdale.

The logo for our web design company is very simple – a simple mark (icon), meaning it was restricted to the use of typography only (no pictorial or abstract marks). Font family used is Nueva Standard, a more traditional, formal font that is appropriate for a conservative, corporate look.

Logo colors are variations of blue, green and orange. You can see how those colors and/or complementary colors are used throughout this website design.  The website has a clean, crisp and cohesive look and feel.

Does Your Logo Need to Be Updated?

It is important that you have a well-designed logo that successfully identifies your company. If your company logo is of poor quality (blurry or has “jaggies”), it may be time to update it.  Professional logos are always created in vector format. A vector file is ideal because it can be used for both print and web. Why? Because a vector retains its sharpness even when resized.

If you would like to find out more about the importance of a company logo in web design, please call us at 480-306-4260 or complete and submit the Contact Us form on this page.

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