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With the increasing popularity of such social media networking tools as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram, YouTube and more, many business owners have been asking if it’s worth their time and effort to pursue. More specifically, they want to know if by using Facebook, Twitter or a blog, will that ultimately bring them more business. Many in the Social Media Consulting circles will be quick to say yes. However, the majority of small businesses we’ve observed over the years have not benefited from social media.

Why? In part, it’s a function of how effectively social media is being implemented. Typically, small business owners simply don’t have the time and experience to build a meaningful online community through social media.

The solution may lie in hiring a “qualified” outside company to more effectively manage their social media marketing efforts.

For the foreseeable future, social media networking should continue to grow in popularity because of its potential to build relevant online communities. At its best, social media tools give businesses the ability to address their target audiences and cultivate relationships by communicating with existing and prospective clients.

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