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4 Reasons Why Images are Not Loading on Your Website Comments Off on 4 Reasons Why Images are Not Loading on Your Website

4 Common Reasons Why Images are Not Loading on Your Website

There are a number of reasons why images on your website pages may not be loading or displaying. Here are four common reasons why this can occur.

File paths are Incorrect

When you notice that some of the images on your website are not “loading” or “displaying” on your website pages, it could be due to the paths to image locations, are simply incorrect. Therefore, double check the path, to make sure it is accurate. This is sometimes the result of an incorrect “directory”used in the path.

For example, the path to the logo for Google.com references the “images” directory:


However, if that path to the “images” directory is incorrect (as noted below with an extra “s” in /images”), then those images could not be displayed because the images do not exist at that erroneous location.


Misspelled Image File Name

A common error that results in website images not loading or missing, is when the image file name has been misspelled in the code referencing it. As such, confirm that you have accurately spelled the actual file name of the image. Incorrect or misspelled image names are a common reason why images don’t display on a web page.

Incorrect Image File Extension

Sometimes the reason why an image won’t display on a web page is because the image file extension is incorrect. For example, let’s say the actual image file name is dog.jpg but the file path code instead references dog.png. In such a case, dog.png does not exist and therefore, no image will be displayed.

Moreover, make sure that the “case” in letters of the image file name matches exactly. For instance, if the actual image file name consists of all lower case letters, don’t use an uppercase letter when referencing that image in the file path code because some servers may treat dog.jpg as different that Dog.jpg. If possible, always use all lower case letters for image file names.

Image Files Don’t Exist

Particularly in WordPress, let’s say that you accidentally deleted an image from your Media Library in an effort to get rid of old images you thought you no longer needed. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete an image from the Media Library that is still in use within one of your web pages. In this case, your image would not load because it is missing from the server even though the path to that image is or was correct.

If you would like to learn more about how to why images are not loading or displaying within your website pages, call the web design professionals in Scottsdale at 480-306-4260.

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