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Does Your Website Need an About Page? Comments Off on Does Your Website Need an About Page?

Does my Website Need an About Page?

From time to time, our web design clients ask us if it is necessary to have an “About” page in the website we are designing or redesigning for them.

The short answer is that an about page is not required, but, it is strongly recommended that one be included in any website.

What is an About Page?

What is an About Page?

An about (or about us) page is one that many businesses include within their website to explain in greater detail, the history of the company or business, its corporate culture/values and a general overview of the type(s) of services and/or products it offers.

This information can include when the company was founded and by whom, who the employees are, their biographies or credentials, headshots, etc.

What is the point behind having an about page?

A visitor can find out more about the business from an about page

The primary reason a website would have an about page is to provide a singular place where the visitor can easily find out more about the business. This in turn, can humanize your company, making website visitors feel more comfortable about the business (knowing its history and personnel) and likely, reduce bounce rate and facilitate a higher conversion rate.

How To Build an Effective About page

How to build an effective about page

Now that you know why you should have an about page in your website, let us discuss how you can create a truly effective about page for your website visitors.

Tell an Interesting or Compelling Company Story

To better engage your website visitors, it is important to describe, in an inspiring way, the story behind your business. It can be particularly impactful, when you describe how, for example, you launched your company to fulfill a compelling customer need, that was not previously being addressed by other companies in your industry. This can convey that the genesis of your company was the desire to offer products and/or services that enhance the lives of its customers. If your business is family-owned, let your website visitors know, as it can provide further insight into your company.

In summary, telling a compelling company story can elevate your brand by adding the human element.

Highlight Your Company’s Accomplishments or Industry Prowess

There is nothing wrong with pointing out your business’ accomplishments and expertise within your industry. Letting visitors know the length of time your company has been in business (the longer, the better), patents or intellectual properties (IP) obtained, certifications or awards, positive customer reviews, etc., can go a long way in enhancing your brand’s credibility.

Include at least one, call-to-action on your About page

By the end of your about page, include at least one, call-to-action. Why? Having a call-to-action at the end of your about page can provide your website visitor with a prompt to initiate an additional step that may result in a new lead for your business. That could be a simple “sign up for our newsletter” text link, a “schedule an appointment” button or “buy now” button.

If you would like to learn more about how to create an effective about page, contact our Scottsdale web design team by email or call us at 480-306-4260.

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