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Should You Back up Your WordPress Website? Comments Off on Should You Back up Your WordPress Website?

Should You Back up Your WordPress Website

This is another question we get from time-to-time, from our clients. Our response to that question if that we can tell you a number of good reasons why you may want to seriously consider, routinely backing up your WordPress website.

4 Reasons Why You Should Back Up Your WordPress Website

As mentioned earlier, there are indeed a few very good reasons why you really should consider backing up your WordPress website on a regular basis. Below is our list of top 4 reasons.

Human Error

Human error is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons why you should consider backing up your WordPress website. That is because we all make mistakes. Specifically, you or other WP administrators could accidentally delete custom code added to your website, such as CSS or PHP scripts, images or PDF files from the media library. Or perhaps, you used a plugin, such as WP Optimize, to clean and optimize your website’s database, such that you no longer can restore earlier revisions for any of your pages.

By backing up your website and database on a regular basis, if you accidentally delete something, you can always restore your WordPress website using a backup from an earlier date.

Website Backups are easy to do

WordPress Backups are easy to do

There are a number of WordPress plugins, many of which are free, that make it very easy and convenient for you to back up and restore your website. Moreover, these backup plugins usually give you the ability to utilize automatic, scheduled and manual backups.

WordPress Core, Theme and/or Plugin Updates

When your WordPress Core, theme or plugin is updated (either automatically or manually) to the latest version, this could “break” your WordPress website.

What do we mean by break your website?

Breaking a website, means that something (usually an update to a plugin, theme or WordPress core) has disrupted the functionality of the website, causing it to become inaccessible.

Thus, maintaining regular backups, can enable you to quickly restore your WordPress website back to an earlier version, should an update to the latest version of WordPress, a theme or plugins, break your website.



As the most popular web publishing platform, WordPress websites are subject to an ever-growing number of attacks from hackers around the world. As such, even the most seemingly secure, WordPress websites can be infiltrated with malware.

How could a WordPress website be infected with malware?

Common reasons for this would be the use of a weak password or an outdated version of WordPress, a plugin or a WordPress theme, which have security vulnerabilities. That is why it is extremely important that you update your WordPress plugins, themes and WordPress to the most recent versions.

As previously mentioned, if you have performed regular backups, you now have the ability to restore your WordPress website to a previous version that would presumably be free of the malware infection in question.

If you would like to know more about why backups of your WordPress website are important or how to do them, please call 480-306-4260 to speak with one of our talented Scottsdale web design experts at Prominent Web Design or contact us by email.

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