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How Secure is My Password? Comments Off on How Secure is My Password?

Brute Force Attack Hacker

Having a secure online password is important, whether it is for your financial accounts, social media or admin access to your business’ website. With the ever increasing popularity of WordPress websites, comes the unwanted attention of hackers from around the world.

Brute Force Attack

A very common type of hacking activity is the Brute Force Attack. Simply put, a brute force attack is the use of specialized software to make repeated attempts at guessing the correct username and password for a given online account, in this case your WordPress admin user account.

Therefore, it is important that you create a strong password to thwart a brute force attack.  Naturally, you may be wondering how secure your current passwords are and what constitutes a “strong” password.

How do I Create a Strong Password?

Many cyber security experts can agree that a strong password should consist of at least 12 characters, using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters or symbols, such as # – ! @ ; when permitted. For reference, take a look at the chart below that shows the time it would take for a hacker to brute force your password. Keep in mind that the information in the graphic below is based on computational computer power in 2020. As time goes on and computational computer power increases, these numbers would need to be adjusted to take into account the advances in computing power.

Check out the chart below that shows the time it could take a hacker to guess your password.

The time it takes for a hacker to guess your password

If you are interested in learning more about password security, contact our expert Web Design Team in Scottsdale at 480-306-4260 today.

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