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What Types of Business Websites Do We Build? Comments Off on What Types of Business Websites Do We Build?

Types of-Websites We Build

As a leading website design and web development company in Scottsdale, AZ, we have designed and built websites for many small businesses across a diverse range of industries. Entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals who come from diverse backgrounds with a vision to develop a products and/or services for which they believe is a commercial demand.

That said, we ourselves are entrepreneurs who have dedicated ourselves to help other business entrepreneurs to realize their online dream via a custom website.

We Build Websites For These Popular Industries

Although we build business websites in a wide range of industries, there are some very popular types of businesses for which we create custom WordPress theme websites. Here are just a few examples.

Restaurant Websites

Restaurant Websites

From Mexican food, to Mediterranean Cuisine to Classic American dishes, we have designed and developed custom WordPress websites for a number of different restaurateurs who operate successful restaurants in the Valley of the Sun to as far north of Phoenix as Yavapai County, Arizona. The most common and necessary feature to any effective restaurant website is fast and easy access to the restaurant’s menu, online reservations, location and phone number. You would think this is obvious, but we have seen countless restaurant websites that make it difficult to find and/or access their menu.

Attorney Websites

Attorney Websites

The legal profession is a very competitive one, no matter where in the U.S. it is located. The Phoenix metro area is no different…very competitive, particularly among Personal Injury Lawyers and Criminal Defense Lawyers. All too often, are overloaded with information, particularly on the home page. Effective attorney websites must strike a balance between quantity and quality of the information it presents. It must also make that information easily accessible. We recommend highlighting the most essential practice areas first. Chat and free consultation forms can be helpful features within these types of websites. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must when building a Law related website.

Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Websites

AC Repair Websites

This is another popular and very competitive local industry where it is essential to have a good, professional website with SEO implementations. It is a best practice to have a streamlined website with easy-to-use navigation so website visitors can quickly find the type of service they need (i.e. AC repair, Heating system repair, AC replacement, Heating system replacement, etc.). Free quote forms and Chat are commonly used to help increase conversions.

Medical Practice Websites

Medical Practice Websites

Whether for orthopedic surgery or primary care medical care, medical practice websites are fairly popular. Of course, the ability for patients to download and print registration and HIPAA related consent forms that they can complete and bring in to the office, is essential. Obviously, building out pages for the types of treatments offered or types of diseases or symptoms that are treated is important.

Limo Transportation Websites

Limo Service Websites

Private car or limo transportation websites have really been in demand lately. An important feature for this type of website is to offer the ability for clients to book a reservation online. Typically for the booking/reservations, a third party software vendor for the limo industry, will be implemented. That is because doing so reduces the upfront cost of website development in that a proprietary booking system would be quite expensive to develop for a single client. Additionally, website visitors to a limo website like to see what fleet of vehicles is offered and airports and types of events serviced.

Here are additional Industries for which we have built websites:

  • Aviation Websites
  • Business Consulting Websites
  • Childcare/Daycare Websites
  • Cleaning Supplies Websites
  • Custom Gate Websites
  • Dental Care Websites
  • Dog Breeder Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Employment Directory Websites
  • Entertainment Websites
  • Financial Services Websites
  • Fitness Websites
  • General Contractor Websites
  • Home Security Websites
  • HVAC websites
  • Landscaping Websites
  • Law Firm Attorney Websites
  • Manufacturing/Industrial Websites
  • Non-Profit Organization Websites
  • Online Education Websites
  • Pest Control Websites
  • Physical Therapy Websites
  • Plumbing Contractor Websites
  • Pool Cleaning Websites
  • Psychiatry, Therapy, Counseling Websites
  • Real Estate Agent Websites
  • Roofing Contractor Websites
  • Telecommunications Websites

If you would like to learn more about our custom web design services, call 480-306-4260 or email us today to discuss your project.

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