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Does Google Rank Pages Differently than Blog Posts? Comments Off on Does Google Rank Pages Differently than Blog Posts?

Does Google Rank Pages Differently than Blog Posts

If you have ever wondered whether web pages get ranked any differently than blog posts, the short answer is no.

Why Doesn’t Google Rank Pages Differently Than Posts?

As it turns out, to Google, a blog page is just another web page and as such they rank all web pages, based on content and they way that it is linked within a website. Thus, Google states that they do not differentiate between web pages and blog posts when it comes to indexing and ranking content.

Why Does My WordPress Website Differentiate Pages from Posts?

Keep in mind that separating blog posts from web pages within a content management system, such as WordPress, makes it easier for a website owner to conveniently manage and organize his or her website content.

So, whether a web page or blog post, perhaps one of the most important factors would be to “interlink” all of your pages. That is provide internal links within any page or blog post to other pages and blog posts within your website.

Why are my Blog Posts Not Ranking as Well as My Pages?

That said, if you find that your blog posts or certain web pages are not ranking as well as you would like or you are wondering why people can’t find your website, you may want to consider creating additional internal links as wells as keyword relevant content.

For example, if we have a blog post discussing three reasons you should hire a local, Scottsdale based, web design company, and we would like to improve its ability to rank, we could place a link on our home page to that blog post. In this way, we are sending a powerful signal to Google, that this particular blog post has content that is important.

But it is not practical to link to all blog posts from your home page. Therefore, you can have links from other important internal web pages, such as your services page or about page, to other relevant blog posts.

What Should Website Owners Use to Create New Content, Pages or Posts?

Generally speaking, posts are probably the most common method used to create new web pages of content. Because posts have categories, it can make it easier to organize new content in this way, rather than traditional web pages. Additionally, posts allow you to easily talk about a wide range of topics, the latest news or trends in your industry, etc.

Again, Google does not really care whether you create your content within a web page or blog post. What matters is the content itself and how it is linked to within your website.

Would you like to find out more about the difference between pages and posts with respect to Google search engine rankings? Contact our expert team of web design professionals in Scottsdale at 480-306-4260.

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